Chicken of the Woods Recipes and Video

***Warning***Some may be sensitive to Chicken of the Woods and may cause Nausea***

Autumn is slowly turning and harvests are in full force, leaves are slowly changing into their yearly multicolor spectacle and late summer and fall mushrooms are out in full force! I found a fresh Chicken of the Woods Laetiporus Sulphureus recently in the old growth forest Caldwell Nature preserve. This was a beautiful specimen that was fresh and spongy with a single hint of insect infestation! I excitedly gathered a modest amount, without overharvesting, and came home to prepare.

When the mushroom is young and tender, it tastes the best.
Baby Chicken of the Woods

I had previously made chicken of the woods nuggets where I had put the Chicken of the Woods (COTW) in a food processor, added egg, flour, breadcrumbs and spices. I made patties about the size of a tea spoon and then fried them to perfection. My true test of whether I am able to extract a food from the forest and make it into a meal is whether my kids ate what I have prepared. With these nuggets, I knew I had been successful. My family ate the chicken of the woods nuggets with sauces and sides and enjoyed out bounty from the forest.

Processed in a food blender, this recipe called for egg, flour, COTW mushroom and spices.
Chicken of the Woods Nuggets

In the video featured, I explain a little about how to know when your mushroom harvest is good for preparation. This time around, I got a little lazy to prepare my nuggets, so I just sautéed the mushroom slices in olive oil. I ended up eating these mushrooms as crispy additions to my morning omelet. I spiced with salt and garlic for an added flavor to the famous COTW texture.

If you find a COTW during your fall outings, this is a classic find that never disappoints.

COTW is relatively easy to spot and to identify as well, so its a great starting species for a fall foraging outing. Keep eyes open for splashes of orange in the forest landscape. Since COTW is a parasitic fungus, you will mostly find it on living trees.

***Some have been known to become nauseously ill from COTW, so use some caution and try small amounts before consuming a large amount***

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